What We Do

We specialize in sourcing professionals, office and field staff, as well as skilled and semi-skilled manpower. To achieve our work with some of the well established associates in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, Romania, Pakistan and Myanmar.




Focus on Training

Many studies have highlighted the clear links between training and skill development initiatives and the bottom line of the business. Savvy organisation consider training and skill development as a strategic tool for organic growth. It helps oganisations withstand ever increasing competition, achieve lesser attrition rate and increase sense of belonging among employees. We can help your organisation in designing and execution of sustainable training and skill development program for staff at various levels, keeping in line with the long term objective of your organisation.



Staff Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a common feature of modern economy. By offering Staff Outsourcing services, we are able to help our clients in off-loading recurring and routine jobs to outsourced staff so that our clients are able to concentrate on what they do best. Similarly, whether it is hiring staff for short-duration assignments or hiring of specialised staff, it is always a headache for growing organisations. In such cases, we can quickly source and place required staff that suits such roles and assignments. It will reduce your need to hire and train such staff.